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The Employment Connections Virtual Job Fair aims to create an opportunity for industry leading employers and professionals to engage with each other in a virtual setting. This job fair is brought to you by JVS Toronto, and is funded by Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Event Audience

Most participants will be newcomers to Canada with a Permanent Resident status or those who have been approved for immigration and will be arriving soon. Participants will be from across Canada, although a higher number of them is expected to be in Ontario.

Employer Expectations:

  • Post at least 10 job openings, both immediate and future opportunities
  • Have at least 2 representatives manning the booth at any given time
  • Have technology (i.e. computer and internet access) available to engage with participants during the event (i.e. written and verbal chat)
  • Have a follow-up strategy for the online interactions
  • Link(s) to employer application tracking system welcome but not mandatory

Introduction to the virtual platform

The virtual platform will allow you to set up and customize your own booth. There you can post job vacancies, chat with participants individually, via text or video, review resumes and quickly identify suitable candidates using various search criteria. You will also be able to pre-screen participants and schedule interviews with them during the event.

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